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A website vulnerability assessment will allow us to investigate the crucial components of your web platform, web portal, or e-trade utility.
SOSWebAuditFix is not just a web vulnerability scanner, It is a complete web safety testing solution that can be used both standalone and as part of complicated environments. It gives integrated vulnerability assessment and vulnerability control, in addition to many options for integration with market-main software development gear. Using built-in active and passive scanning tools, the evaluation pinpoints precise vulnerabilities and identifies underlying issues.
By making SOSWebAuditFix considered one of your security features, you may significantly grow your cybersecurity stance and do away with many protection risks at a low aid value.

Web Vulnerability Assessment, Security Program, Risk Assessment, Cyber Security

Our Mission
Are you willing to lose the trust of your customers, your credibility, or in all likelihood dropping the whole business after a first-rate web-assault? Shieldonsystems® seek to redefine your digital strategy so that you can recognize why web safety is so vital for your business.

What We Can Do
Shieldonsystems® ensures security controls are aligned to shield the enterprise from hacker assaults and protection threats. A web safety evaluation will permit us to analyze your crucial components of web portals and e-commerce applications.

R.I.S.E.R Vulnerability Assessment
SOSWebAuditFix is based on R.I.S.E.R methodology. The first stage of RECONNAISSANCE begins with the formal approval of SOW. During INTRUDE stage an attack is simulated in a controlled environment to exploit vulnerabilities and risks. During the SORT stage all fact findings from the previous stages are sorted, quantified, and flag as low-medium-high.
ESCORT stage prompts management for an immediate response, rectification, and escort operations against business risks. Comprehensive REPORT is generated with the best possible recommendations and guidelines for our clients to fix issues themselves or hire our 24×7 online assistance and monitoring services.

We follow leading International Industry Standards while conducting vulnerability and risks assessments:
– NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework)
– NIST 800-115
– CIS Controls V7 – SANS
– OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project)

Web Vulnerability Assessment, Security Program, Risk Assessment, Cyber Security
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